Dear Agata, thanks for giving us those (Ageless Grace) sessions, here are some comments:
I thought you were very enthusiastic while teaching.  I also thought the music was a nice touch.
After the sessions I felt a lot more relaxed, oh and very loose.  I enjoyed all of the activities.
From Charlie (I am 10 years old and I enjoy bike riding, video games and maths).

January 2016

Dear Agata

Thank you for helping us enjoy fun and laughter to make our life a bit brighter.
Best wishes

Vision Australia Bellarine Group

July 2015

We have been attending sessions for Ageless Grace at the St James Church in Drysdale. My husband and I love it, we were looking for something we could do together and which would accommodate our different injuries.
I had major stomach surgery at the start of the year and I have been left with no stomach muscles, so standing to do exercise is difficult for me, but with Ageless Grace all the movements are done sitting in a chair, which is perfect for me.
My husband has shoulder problems and he has found Ageless Grace really good for him, as he can do as little or as much movement as he wants to. There are 21 different types of movement and these exercise all areas of your brain, as well as your body, so it’s a win win situation.
Agata is a lovely, warm person who makes it lots of fun and therefore enjoyable. We always feel better afterward and my daughter always says we look so much fresher and brighter after a session.
It is also very reasonably priced so it is affordable for everyone.
We are so glad we found Agata and Ageless Grace!

Julie and Steve

Ageless Grace Nov 2015

Dear Agata
Thank you so much for your fantastic presentation. So inspiring! I wish I was Italian!
We thank you for giving up your time and sharing your passion and knowledge.
With best wishes.
Drysdale Harvest Basket Group

March 2015

Dearest Agata

Well – what fun!! Bella, Bella, Prego, Grazie, Cappucino!
Much love and thanks for such a lovely time.

Italian Class

Exit… Stage Left!

So dearest Ag – one more bites the dust
The stage you’ve been on is starting to rust
The curtain’s come down and the players have played
But don’t ever think that your star will fade.

A lover of fun and a passionate soul
Your laughter and tears have enhanced your role
In this theatre called work we must all play our part
Don’t worry, your life’s just about to start.

What memories we’ll share of your games and your fun
Your great love of life and your soul full of Sun
What a full life you lead and how deeply you care
For all that is good in this world that you share.

So many people have touched on your life
You’ve undergone hardship and grief and great strife
But you’ve risen above it – the star that you are
And futures are brighter than pasts are, by far.

We’ll miss you dear gypsy and remember you well
There are many hilarious tales we could tell
You’ve been such a special, dear part of the team
And our wish for you is what ever you dream.

J A Campbell

Writing with pen and paper

Agata was part of my team and as we all worked together, she would suggest and then conduct laughter clinics and everyone would have so much fun.

The team was kept happy by Agata and they all did a great job. A happy team meant meeting deadlines and achieving great results!!!

Angela M

Thank you for a delectable lunch and wonderful experience.
Helen N

Thank you for a wonderful time.  We enjoyed every mouthful.
Lucia and John

I had a wonderful time today learning lots and lots of fun too.
Donna B

Loved every taste! sensational, Agata!  Do keep me up to date with courses and any trips!
C Hemsworth

What a lovely and interesting day, Agata! Thoroughly enjoyed the cooking, hints and advice. Thank you for your inspiring ideas and useful tips.

Thank you! I had a lovely yummy day and came away with lots of new ideas.
Mary N

Dear Agata.  Today was loads of fun and we learnt so much! Thank you.
S Keller

Another enjoyable day Agata, giving us a new interest in food that we don’t usually cook with.
Shirley C

At last… a lady who explains what ingredients and where they come from! Very informative.
Colleen and Richard

What a lovely and interesting day Agata.  Beautiful food, lovely people and heaps of hints towards making special dishes.  See you again!
J O'Shannessy

Thank you, Agata. I had a wonderful time. This was much more than a cooking class. It was full on hospitality with plenty of great laughs! See you again!
T Harris