Stay Motivated




Lighten your life – be inspired and motivated to reach your goals.


Motivation for inspiration

If you don’t have a dream there is nothing to wake up for.

Aim for a goal and prepare a plan to realise your dream. Make it come true. Be determined to follow the dream through. Have a goal and make it real.

Start with a small step. Once you begin, it is easy to continue. Prepare a road map with milestones and rewards. This is part of reaching goals.

On the way you will discover your strengths and your limits; adjust your goals accordingly. Work with your strengths and work on your limitations – ask for help. It will help to lighten the load.

Stay positive. Document positive ideas, feelings and achievements. Surround yourself with positive thoughts and people who influence you.

Making mistakes will also help in improvements and learning. Failure is followed by success.

Be consistent and regular with your actions. Stay focused.
It is possible to get discouraged or tired, after the initial excitement is over. It’s not the end yet!

Make promises to yourself and don’t let yourself down. Be true to yourself.

Check the time line and stay close to the plan. There may be set backs and time delays and it will take longer to achieve some goals.

It will be easy to think about giving up! Re-visit the roadmap, take a detour but then get back on the road and follow the plan. Lighten the load – share the story. You will succeed. Sometimes, the hardest part is getting started.

Keep focussed on the bigger picture but small achievements can be rewarded.

Believe in yourself, trust yourself and be the best you can be.