Workshop 2016

Groups of people have more fun.  It’s encouraging each other. Laughter is contagious and exercise seems easier and much more fun. 

Workshop: Gathering for Change July 2016

  • Wise Women Laugh
  • Feel Good Living
  • FunDay
  • Dealing with Change
  • The Soul has its seasons
  • Climbing Mountains
  • One Day at a Time
  • Ease, Rest & Joy

On 8 Saturdays 2pm-4pm in Geelong starting 9th July – 27th August
for 5 Sundays 10am-12.30pm in Portarlington starting 17th July – 14th August.

These will be small workshops (10 people).  The barriers will be down and everyone will be there for the same reason.

Workshop in 2016

Gathering for Change

It’s ok to laugh and exercise alone but it’s so much more fun learning to laugh stress away in a group of like-minded people.
The barriers will be down and everyone will be there for the same reason.

Exploring the role of mind/body connection for all of us.  Using laughter, stress reduction, goal setting & motivation to energise, make ready for change, and make change happen.

  • To improve health, 
  • Help to deal with some life changes,
  • To encourage playfulness and 
  • To balance the mind, body and spirit.

Group Booking for Laughter

Join us at a Laughter Session! or come along to a Fun & Wellness Session – just for the good of it!

Please Register Your Interest if you would like to organise a Laughter and/or a Fun & Wellness Workshop at your workplace or in your area, for you and your group of any age and any ability.

All laughter sessions help those less “laugh-oriented” to learn to laugh to reduce stress and reconnect with childhood memories of play.