Workshops Available on Request

Groups of people have more fun.  It’s encouraging each other. Laughter is contagious and exercise seems easier and much more fun. 

Workshop: Gathering for Change

  • Wise Women Laugh
  • Feel Good Living
  • FunDay
  • Dealing with Change
  • The Soul has its seasons
  • Climbing Mountains
  • One Day at a Time
  • Ease, Rest & Joy


Workshop Example

Gathering for Change

It’s ok to laugh and exercise alone but it’s so much more fun learning to laugh stress away in a group of like-minded people.
The barriers will be down and everyone will be there for the same reason.

Exploring the role of mind/body connection for all of us.  Using laughter, stress reduction, goal setting & motivation to energise, make ready for change, and make change happen.

  • To improve health, 
  • Help to deal with some life changes,
  • To encourage playfulness and 
  • To balance the mind, body and spirit.

Group Booking for Laughter

Join us at a Laughter Session! or come along to a Fun & Wellness Session – just for the good of it!

Please Register Your Interest if you would like to organise a Laughter and/or a Fun & Wellness Workshop at your workplace or in your area, for you and your group of any age and any ability.

All laughter sessions help those less “laugh-oriented” to learn to laugh to reduce stress and reconnect with childhood memories of play.